About Us

We are DeeGou !

DeeGou was established in 2014 in the Shenzhen, the biggest electronics manufacture city in the world. It focuses on the PCB, PCBA service, and aims at providing with most suitable, useful and cheapest prototypes. With the assistance of the revolutionary platform, DeeGou completely support self-service online order. DeeGou has provide service for customers from 20 countries and areas.

One- stop PCB service online

DeeGou have five PCB suppliers, which could provide high-quality and diverse production service. Customers' demand with any size and quality could be meet here by lowest price. Additionally, our one-stop online system is convenient for calculating the costs and the lead-time.

One- stop PCB Assembly service online

DeeGou is capable of providing full-key printed circuit board assembly services. It has its own parts components, which could effectively satisfy customer' various demand and save the time. Plus, Deegou could help to purchase the overseas parts. Through the one-stop online system, customers' demand for diverse parts could be effectively satisfied.

Deegou commit itself to provide the most well-round and suitable PCB and PCBA service by the one-stop online system for our customers with demand for the medium and small prototypes

If you have any question please feel free to call or email us.