PCB Design Rules

PCB Design Rules
Please check the PCB files carefully before placing an order. We are not able to change the Gerber files once PCB fabrication begins.

1. PCB design rules must meet the minimum design parameters below


2. Part IDs must be clear and placed close to the corresponding part (for example, text R2, R3 are placed close to the corresponding resistors)

3. Components or connectors with polarity must have polarity marks

4. The package of components on the PCB must be the same as that in the BOM

5. PCB Gerber files should be exported in RS-274X format and contain the following files:

  • pcbname.GTL                 Top Layer
  • pcbname.GTS                 Top Solder Mask 
  • pcbname.GTO                Top Silkscreen
  • pcbname.GBL                 Bottom Layer
  • pcbname.GBS                Bottom Solder Mask
  • pcbname.GBO                Bottom silkscreen
  • pcbname.GML/GKO       Board Outline
  • pcbname.TXT                 Drills
  • pcbname.GL2                 Inner Layer (for 4 layer only) 
  • pcbname.GL3                 Inner Layer (for 4 layer only)

6. If there are any special components or requirements, please leave us a message
7. If there are any components that should not be soldered, please leave us a message